With an integrated Financial Management solution, you are able to access the need online anytime, from anywhere. Centralized financial and nonfinancial information simplifies reporting and maintains the comprehensive audit trails necessary for year-end reporting. Keep grow your business beyond your traditional way. Get streamline your accounting, better manage your cash, automate your supply chain, get real-time visibility across your entire business, and grow beyond accounting software It allows you to centralize some functions while decentralizing others and eliminates redundant data entry. With the fully integrated accounting solution, you are access to the whole financial picture.

Multi-Currency allows you to:

  • Restate currencies and consolidate financial reporting across business units that have disparate financial account coding structures.
  • Manage a complete range of international tax structures.
  • Stabilize financial information for volatile currencies by automatically restating transactions on an item-by-item basis from the domestic hyper inflationary currency into a designated stable currency and maintain two sets of books simultaneously for all transactions.
  • Facilitate international banking transactions, including electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic funds transfer (EFT), bank wire, auto debit, and drafts.

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