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We provide comprehensive infrastructure support services for your servers, networks, computers, and other IT devices. We provide proactive maintenance to your corporate.

ecTrader is a flagship product of KITSOFT, enabling import/export trading companies to organize their information, such as sales orders, purchase orders, shipping documents, etc., on the cloud for access anywhere.

ecProfit is a user-friendly accounting software for corporations to maintain their vouchers, bank transactions, payments, receipts, and to generate accounting statements such as profit & loss, balance sheet, etc.

Simple-to-use retail software for retailers with integration of payment gateway, swiping options for card payments. Solutions for a single terminal, supermarket, and multi-location shops.


KITSOFT Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software gives you the power to connect and manage your entire business, anywhere. Our order processing, inventory, supply chain management, and financial management will give you insight views that you need to make smart decisions.

Enhance your online presence with our SEO solutions. Tailored for optimal visibility, our services include strategic SEO, keyword optimization, content strategies, and technical enhancements. Elevate your digital marketing for sustainable growth and increased visibility.

Revolutionize your business communication with our enterprise email solution. Enjoy a secure, feature-rich platform that empowers collaboration, ensures privacy through advanced encryption, and seamlessly integrates with your workflow for unparalleled productivity. Elevate your team's communication experience.


The EMS (Education Management System) streamlines student, fees, and employee management for educational institutions, optimizing administrative efficiency and resource allocation.


CRM is a technology and strategy that businesses use to manage interactions and relationships with their customers and potential customers. It involves the use of software systems and tools to organize, automate, and streamline various customer-related activities, sales, marketing, and customer support.